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Our Fight for Transparency: We Reject Payment for Positive Reviews

Credibility is the cornerstone of any business in the financial sector.

At EXCENT CAPITAL, we have encountered a situation that challenges our integrity and that of the entire investment industry.

A well-known review site,, has put us in a compromising position that we feel is necessary to disclose.

After receiving a negative review that labeled us as “unreliable” without substantial evidence, we contacted seeking to understand their stance and express our desire to improve any aspect that was not up to par. It was then that the true nature of their business model became apparent: we were asked for a monthly fee of 1,250 euros to change and maintain a positive review.

What was presented to us as an “Advertising Package” is, in essence, payment for a good review. This practice is not only unfair, but it also borders on extortion. It is a business model that relies on reputational blackmail, not on impartiality or the actual quality of the services evaluated.

We want to be clear: at EXCENT CAPITAL, we do not buy reviews. Our commitment is to excellence and transparency, and we will not participate in practices that compromise these values. While we expressed interest in improving our review, it was never with the intention of purchasing a favorable opinion, but to correct any misunderstanding or error in the evaluation of our service.

We alert the investor community and our colleagues in the sector about these deplorable practices. Reviews should be earned, not bought. We demand that and other similar media adopt transparent and ethical policies that reflect the true quality of the services evaluated.

EXCENT CAPITAL takes pride in its track record and reputation. We will continue to strive to offer the best possible service to our clients and to remain as a pillar of trust in the investment community. We trust that truth and ethics will prevail over any attempt at manipulation through paid reviews.

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