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Our Commitment Regarding the Practice of Paying for Positive Reviews

At EXCENT CAPITAL, we believe in the value of an honest and fair review. Transparency is the cornerstone of our business, and therefore, we always seek clarity in the opinions circulating about us.

Recently, we faced a challenging situation with the website, which led us to reflect on the ethics of broker reviews.

Unlike other experiences, requested a monthly fee for a positive review. However, when we tried to engage in dialogue to correct any misunderstandings and reach a fair agreement that reflected the reality of our services, we found no willingness for mutual understanding. We sought an equitable solution, a one-time payment to ensure a fair and transparent analysis, but the negotiation was unsuccessful.

We want to make it clear that EXCENT CAPITAL has never paid and will never pay for reviews. Our intention in proposing a one-time payment was to ensure a fair and unbiased review process, not to buy a rating. By advocating for a fair evaluation, we tried to initiate an open and constructive dialogue. Our goal has always been to clarify misunderstandings and ensure that the information about us is accurate and transparent.

We call on our clients and the financial community at large to be critical and question the legitimacy of the reviews they read online. We urge them to seek multiple sources and cross-check information before making decisions.

At EXCENT CAPITAL, we will continue to operate with integrity, offering our clients quality services and ensuring that our actions speak louder than any review. We are committed to maintaining our ethical standards, regardless of the challenges we face along the way.

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